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About Bailey Manufacturing..

Celebrating 62 Years......... 1956-2018

.....providing the highest quality products at a fair price

The Bailey Company, as we know it today, was born out of necessity and desperation. In 1949, Charlie, the two-and-a-half-year-old son of our founder James Bailey, became ill with a sore throat which quickly progressed into an inner ear infection, then meningitis. The end result was cerebral palsy with regression to the capabilities of a six-month-old child. An X-ray showed that his brain was compressed to about one half inch thick. Everyone knew it was hopeless except James Bailey and his wife Lois, at least they wouldn't let themselves believe it.

At this time products in the field of physical therapy were limited.Charlie Chair Unable to find products suitable to provide the special needs of their own child, our founders developed and built new products themselves. James Bailey's motto was "That someone's burden may be lighter," and no effort was too great if it accomplished that!

From day one, the same care that went into producing products for a family member has carried over to a wide variety of products ranging from tables and parallel bars, to stools, mirrors, training stairs, and more.

Since the beginning, the philosophy at Bailey has been to provide the highest quality products at a fair price; and, as our product line has grown so has our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

A company is more than the products it manufactures. Companies are made up of people, and the products they manufacture become a reflection of the people who design, build, and provide customer service for those products. Bailey Manufacturing is located in Lodi, Ohio, the heartland of our nation, where people know the value of hard work and the pride associated with doing a good job. As a result, the professionals at Bailey put that same midwest work ethic into each product they manufacture to ensure our customers are completely satisfied.


Original Bailey Plant 1956

Bailey offers a wide variety of products, available in the size and color that fits your need. Because we build to suit your needs, many products you receive are built exclusively for you. While this sometimes takes more time, we are also capable of responding quickly to those short notice or special delivery requests.

Bailey is proud of the reputation we have earned as an industry leader by manufacturing quality products at a fair price, and look forward to satisfying the needs of your physical, occupational, or sports medicine facility.

The Story of Bailey Manufacturing as told by James Bailey

Bailey is a Gold Corporate member of the National Athletic Trainers Association


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