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Ambulation Aids

Foot Placement  Ladder Bailey Model 210

Model 210 - Foot Placement Ladder

  • Foot Placement Ladder with adjustable cross bars for different length steps.Reinforced metal crossties. An aid in coordinating hip and knee flexion while walking
  • 23 1/2" wide x 92" long
Foot Inversion Tread for correcting flat feet Bailey Model 230

Model 230 - Foot Inversion Tread

  • Effective for correcting flat feet. These angled boards require the patient to walk on the outside of the foot instead of the arch. This strengthens the muscles below the knee which hold the foot in proper position. Tread may be adjusted to three different angles of inversion.
  • 12" wide x 70" long

Variable Balance Beam for children Bailey Model 2400




Model 2400 - Child Variable Balance Beam

  • The four walking beams can be arranged in several different ways: as a box, a straight line, a "V", "M", and "Z", for example. Choose the configuration that fits the space available and/or the coordination and balance activities needed. The set is durably constructed of four solid hardwood walking beams that measure 4" wide by 44" long and 5 hardwood bases. The beams and bases are finished in a clear lacquer to protect the unit for years of service.
  • 4 each - 4" x 44" walking Beams
  • 5 each - 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 8" Bases
Child Convertible Balance Beam Set Bailey Model 2405

Model 2405 - Child Convertible Balance Beam Set

  • Develop balance in two stages with this convertible balance beam set: begin with the wider 3 1/2" surface and then present the more challenging 1 1/4" surface. The set is constructed from solid hardwood and finished in a clear lacquer for durability. Both narrow and wide sides of the 72" long beam fit the convertible supports. The bases have rubber matting on the bottom to prevent slipping.
  • Beam - 3 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 72"
  • 2 Bases - 4" x 12"

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