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Motor Skills/ Balance Aids

Ankle Exerciser for range of motion Bailey Model 212

Model 212 - Ankle Exerciser

This ankle exerciser allows two range of motion exercises. Also promotes safe and proper muscle stretches
  • 12" square x 4-3/4" high
  • Non-slip safety tread
Convertible Vestibular Board covered with carpeting Bailey Model 224

Model 224 - Convertible Vestibular Board

  • By unlocking and turning the base 90 degrees, this board may be used for side to side or end to end motion. The base can be folded flat and stored beside the top when not in use.
  • 30" wide x 60" long x 12" high
  • Top covered with carpeting
Vestibular Board for balancing Bailey Model 225

Model 225 - Vestibular Board

  • Creates tilting in a pitching motion for reclining patients. As they develop greater balance control the board may be used while sitting, kneeling and standing.
  • 30" wide x 60" long x 12" high
  • Top covered with carpeting
Vestibular Board Bailey Model 226

Model 226 - Vestibular Board

  • Creates tilting in a rolling motion for reclining patients who are in the early stages of developing balance.
  • 30" wide x 60" long x 12" high
  • Top covered with carpeting
Rocker Balance Square Bailey Model 227

Model 227 - Rocker Balance Square

  • The rocker is used in developing vestibular acuity, balance control and coordination. May be used in a sitting, kneeling or standing position.
  • Top is 18" square and covered with carpeting
  • Overall height 5"
Adjustble Tee Stool Bailey Model 2420

Model 2420 - Adjustable "Tee" Stool

  • Five Adjustable Height Range positions from 12" to 16"
  • Heavy Duty Soft Polymer Foot will not mark floors
  • 200 LB weight capacity
  • Birch Poplar Hardwood Seat, 10 3/4" Diameter
  • Durable Chrome Plated Steel Construction
  • Encourages balance and develops integrative and perceptual motor skills
  • Suitable for use in special needs classrooms and perceptual motor skills
  • Ship UPS; Assembly Required

Bailey Tee Stool Model 2420

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