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Adjustment Tables

Models 484 and 485 are 30" x 78" x 30" with 2" upholstered top. Standard vinyl color is Camel (other colors available). Natural finish is standard. Walnut finish is available.

Bailey double adjustment leg rest table




Double Adjustable Leg Rest Table -Model 484

(Shown in Space Blue with Natural finish)

Because leg rests can be raised and lowered independently of one another, a wide range of exercises are possible with this table.
For example, a patient can execute active or passive vascular exercises without assistance and can perform adjustable exercises against gravity for either or both legs.

  • Leg rests adjust to 32 degrees, with 8 positions in 3" increments.
Bailey Adjustable Back Rest and Knee Gatch Table

Adjustable Back Rest and
Knee Gatch Table
Model 485

(Shown in Navy with Natural finish)

The effects of gravity are minimized with this design, which make it possible to raise and lower the upper body and draw the knees toward and away from the torso. With this table no stools or gadgets are needed to execute progressive reconditioning exercises. Towels and sheets are within easy reach in the triple shelf area. Heavy Duty Adjustable Backrest inclines 60 degrees, with 8 positions in 3" increments


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